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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 524 playground able
If your basic and middle school does their day exercise routines at the same time, Zhen Congming and Zhao Yanzi would be able to see each other…
"Fine, OK…" Hao Ren could only pick her since she was pushing hard .
"Hahahaha…" Hao Ren laughed evilly in key .
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If Zhao Yanzi's sight ended up excellent, she would be able to see what Hao Ren with his fantastic pals were actually carrying out in their dorms .
"I suppose so…" Ling nodded and tried using not to ever give her a correct remedy . She couldn't let her know mom that Zhao Yanzi already were built with a fiancé!
Hao Ren was jogging over, however it was too late as Zhao Yanzi got already paid off .
Her close friend, Ling, required to always keep her interaction.h.i.+p lower critical, but Zhao Yanzi was different .
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"Weren't you folks enjoying cards . The reason you're out now?" Hao Ren asked .
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"Exactly how much?" Zhao Yanzi inquired the bike salesperson .
"I really could just get a bicycle," Zhao Yanzi mentioned without wondering too much .
"There are tons of factors I have to buy . Are you experiencing enough hard earned cash?" Zhao Yanzi asked Hao Ren .
Hao Ren pedaled tough and circled the library after . Then, he biked to the girl dorms as soon as and went around the hockey the courtroom . Lastly, he introduced Zhao Yanzi to Hongji Sq . through the to the west entrance .
Thus, plenty of students had been focusing on Zhao Yanzi also since she was with him .
"Which dorm creating is the home in?" Zhao Yanzi expected as she walked along to the deck and considered the university of Eastern side Seashore School .
These bikes were definitely from occasional makes . The stores round the classes temporary booked the place in class to dispose of their mountain bikes, as well as their quality was poor .
"Area 302!" Hao Ren failed to lie with that .
"Fine, Acceptable . Fiancée, fiancée…" Zhou Liren raised both hands to signal his surrendered and might only alter how he tackled her .
"You will still find many things I don't have . You have to go shopping with me!" Zhao Yanzi yelled as she dragged Hao Ren into her dorm .
There had been still many operate Hao Zhonghua had to manage . Right after he aided Zhao Hongyu finish Zhao Yanzis getting on method, he rushed straight back to the Seas Researching Inst.i.tute . Hao Ren went on the balcony of area 406 . He was able to understand the deck of his space 302 within the no . 7 dorm creating from here . These structures have been only 200 yards apart . If Zhao Yanzis vision were actually excellent, she would be able to see what Hao Ren along with his friends have been carrying out within their dorms . Hao Ren was squinting now about the deck and could see Zhou Liren, Zhao Jiayi, Gu Jiadong, and Huang Jianfeng 1 / 2-undressed in their dorm playing notes . Which dorm building will probably be your bedroom in? Zhao Yanzi requested as she walked to the balcony and checked out the college campus of Eastern side Beach University . Um… Hao Ren had been a bit amazed, in which he directed towards the furthest no . 17 creating . There! Oh, what is your room quantity? Zhao Yanzi continued to inquire about . Place 302! Hao Ren did not rest about that . Zhao Yanzi squinted and used appearing over very hard . Lastly, she shook her head and brought up . Very far, cant see . Hao Ren was alleviated for the reason that becoming spied upon by her each day was no laugh . He would struggle to endure his lifestyle in peace if she was able to spy on him . He didnt recall Zhao Yanzi heading to his dorm establishing prior to . Whether or not she does, she probably didnt bear in mind . I really hope she never concerns my dorm, Hao Ren secretly prayed . It is possible to many things I dont have . You should shop with me! Zhao Yanzi yelled as she dragged Hao Ren back into her dorm . Acceptable, OK… Hao Ren could only opt for her due to the fact she was yanking difficult . Lings mum is at the dorm . When she spotted Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi going out, she requested Ling, Zhao Yanzi actually has a significant sibling? I assume so… Ling nodded and tried using not to give her a precise remedy . She couldnt tell her mom that Zhao Yanzi already had a fiancé! She got a sensation that it grandfather would have a hard time down the road managing Zhao Yanzi . Zhao Yanzi didnt like online dating, but she would not let someone, who she liked, range from her . The planet for this newly-constructed LingZhao Mid University was very good . Hao Ren experienced deliberately sought out the place of LingZhao Primary College and located which it was purposely created next to the middle school, plus the schools could see each other people sports field . Should the basic and midsection classes have their morning hours routines simultaneously, Zhen Congming and Zhao Yanzi would be able to see each other… Also, if Hao Ren endured in the balcony of place 302, he could watch Zhao Yanzi … He considered it and out of the blue felt like it will be appealing to watch! If her cla.s.sroom were actually in the proper situation, he would even be capable to see her in cla.s.s from his balcony! Suddenly, Hao Ren appeared toward starting college . Probably someday when Zhao Yanzi was looking at a horoscope newspaper below her workplace in cla.s.s, he would be able to location it immediately and mail a wording to tell her to not ever read through arbitrary factors in cla.s.s! Hahahaha… Hao Ren laughed evilly in top secret . Hi! What makes you smiling! Zhao Yanzi rolled her sight at Hao Ren and nudged him along with her elbow . Nothing, nothing… Hao Ren aimed to make-believe that nothing at all was occurring . Zhao Hongyu possessed required him to watch over Zhao Yanzis studies . That was his ideal tool against her . Not every person could easily get into LingZhao Midsection Educational facilities university . For the reason that Zhao Yanzi had taken a stroll on university to acquire a sense of the institution, Hao Ren managed to understand the style in the classes together with her . On the other hand, any person could head to the institution college campus readily . It resulted in Zhao Yanzi could go to Hao Rens school anytime she wished . She only essential to step all over the path from LingZhao Center Institution to get at the most important entrance of Eastern Sea College or university . Zhao Yanzi ended up being to East Seas University but hadnt went around the campus completely . As a result, she resolved that she necessary to arrive at be aware of put more effective this time around . Our university is quite huge, and it could be tricky to go around the whole location without a cycle, Hao Ren reported . He hinted and made an effort to tell her that she shouldnt go walking around in East Seas Institution in her possess . He did not want Zhao Yanzi to become way too knowledgeable about his classes mainly because that may not do him a bit of good . I was able to just buy a bicycle, Zhao Yanzi said without wondering a lot . This became when a great deal of initial-twelve months college university students were arriving at classes, so there was lines of brand new bicycles inside the golf ball court in the area available for sale . Hao Ren was aware why these bicycles were almost cons they wouldnt even past one year . Nevertheless, Zhao Yanzi experienced already run above . Exactly how much? Zhao Yanzi inquired the bike salesperson . 200 yuan! he responded to . Option! Zhao Yanzi stated without hesitation . Hao Ren was going around, but it was far too late as Zhao Yanzi got already paid for . These bicycles were from unique manufacturers . The shops across the education short-term leased the place in class to trade their mountain bikes, in addition to their good quality was very poor . Alright . I had a bicycle now . Now demonstrate me approximately! Zhao Yanzi pushed the latest bicycle onto Hao Ren . Hao Ren stared at her helplessly since he knew that he or she could not get a reimburse . He could only trip the cycle now . Zhao Yanzi wasnt simple in any way . She grabbed onto Hao Rens midsection and sat in the again chair on the motorcycle . Even though bicycle was of poor quality, there was still some thing decent regarding it . It absolutely was lightweight, and Hao Ren managed to ride the motorbike with Zhao Yanzi into it promptly . Haha, much faster! Speedier! Zhao Yanzi is in a fantastic ambiance . She patted Hao Rens stylish and hurried him . She was managing Hao Ren such as a horse . Hao Ren was experience powerless . He didnt fully grasp how long these kinds of torment would previous, in which he couldnt wait for the returning of her cla.s.s specialist, Luo Ying . Luo Ying would be able to maintain Zhao Yanzi under control in order that she couldnt occur to the university to bully him that frequently .   Zhao Yanzis liveliness drawn several individuals consideration over the school college campus . She is probably his minor sister… People about them idea . Zhao Yanzi wasnt using her classes uniform, and she undoubtably failed to seem like a college learner . She sat about the back again seat of Hao Rens cycling and swayed her thighs, appearing to become lovable and energetic minimal sibling . Hao Ren pedaled tough and circled the catalogue when . Then, he biked into the woman dorms one time and decided to go around the football court . And lastly, he brought Zhao Yanzi to Hongji Sq . throughout the to the west gate . Time flew, also it was already noon . Both Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi were definitely starving . Hongji Sq . was the most popular location for meals all around East Water University or college, and Hao Ren appreciated that they acquired introduced Zhao Yanzi below ahead of . He secured the bicycle right before he had her all over to choose a bistro for lunch time . Not merely were there lots of dining places at Hongji Sq ., but there was also loads of stuff that ladies enjoyed . For example, there had been cinemas, karaoke, along with other information . There are plenty of issues I have to purchase . Have you got enough money? Zhao Yanzi inquired Hao Ren . Indeed, I had enough… Hao Ren explained helplessly . Who stated to obtain the cycling? he considered . Pencil event, back pack, pens, a lamp, slippers, a little fan… Zhao Yanzi begun listing every thing out loud . Robbery… It absolutely was the term that popped up in Hao Rens imagination . Even a full-time nanny wouldnt want to do a whole lot . Whats up! Hao Ren! Zhao Jiayis noisy speech sounded coming from the back again . Hao Ren changed in excess of and observed his associates roaming approximately Hongji Rectangular . Haha, Rens minor relative . Youve can come again! Zhou Liren stated using a chuckle when he spotted Zhao Yanzi . Fiancée! Fiancée! Zhao Yanzi reported and performed Hao Rens hands as she looked up and stared at Zhou Liren . Fine, Okay . Fiancée, fiancée… Zhou Liren heightened both of your hands to indicator his surrendered and could only adjust how he addressed her . Werent you people playing cards . How come youre out now? Hao Ren inquired . How do you know we had been participating in greeting cards? Gu Jiadong requested just before saying, Had been out for lunch . Were enjoying during the mid-day . Wish to become a member of us? Play charge cards? Enjoy what charge cards? Zhao Yanzi questioned curiously . No! No! Hao Ren immediately declined these bad provides . The guys ended up 50 %-exposed and shouting in the dorm bedroom . There were no way that Hao Ren would simply let Zhao Yanzi sign up for them . Moreover, he wasnt proficient at notes, so he didnt use them generally . He want to engage in activities at internet cafés . Very little nephew, are available stop by our dorm should you want… Zhou Liren couldnt accomplish his sentence for the reason that Hao Ren rushed to bar his lips . Following that, Hao Ren transformed approximately and grabbed Zhao Yanzis hands before walking away promptly . Hi! Ren! Lets have lunch or dinner collectively! Zhao Jiayi shouted . No appreciate it . Im possessing lunch time with Zi! Hao Ren turned his top of your head close to and yelled . It had been only entertaining for the kids if Zi went along to the dorm . For Hao Ren, it was actually a bad dream . Zhao Yanzi researched at LingZhao Midsection School, that was perfect next to the university or college . If she grew to become aware of his good friends, it might be disastrous for him… There was dorm guidelines set up at East Beach School: folks werent enabled in the girl dorms, but girls may go to men dorms . Not surprisingly, the girls were still prohibited to be instantaneously within the males dorms . d.a.m.n! He adds his nephew above us! Zhou Liren screamed . Zhou Liren couldnt assist but cuss at Hao Ren many occasions he was very jealous of Hao Ren since there was this kind of pretty lady by his side . Hao Ren presented Zhao Yanzis hands and dragged her out, and so they bought from the Zhao Jiayis group of people . Given that they were definitely very good close friends of Hao Ren, they could laugh with him and sought him to embarra.s.s himself a little so that they could tease him . Lets have pizzas . Hao Ren dragged Zhao Yanzi in a modest pizzas retail store surrounding . The beginning of institution became a active season for those dining places at Hongji Rectangular simply because partners and university students would really occur on this page and acquire together . This little pizza store was elegantly adorned, and it also was packed with mostly university couples . Coincidentally, there was clearly a spot by the walls . This is certainly Hao Ren… His roommate, Zhao Jiayi, won the federal football league champions.h.i.+p this summer… A lot of students started out discussing him when Hao Ren went in . For that reason, loads of university students were actually concentrating on Zhao Yanzi too since she was with him . Once the selection of activities, Hao Ren was now a renowned guy at Eastern Sea University . Not merely have students on his twelve months are aware of him, but even older persons and first-12 months pupils also been told about him likewise . Hao Ren was feeling slightly difficult when he heard each of the chatters . Even so, Zhao Yanzi was content of all this . When Hao Ren was approximately to rid yourself of her hand, she rejected to let go as well as organised his fretting hand tighter . Her good friend, Ling, found it necessary to continue to keep her relationships.h.i.+p low essential, but Zhao Yanzi was various . She want to allow all of the college students of Eastern Seas College or university are aware that she was Hao Rens fiancée, and no you could consider him faraway from her!
"No! No!" Hao Ren immediately denied these undesirable gives . The fellas have been 50 %-naked and yelling within the dorm bedroom . There is no chance that Hao Ren would just let Zhao Yanzi join them .
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There were still plenty of do the job Hao Zhonghua obtained to address . Immediately after he served Zhao Hongyu complete Zhao Yanzi's boarding operation, he hurried back in the Water Investigation Inst.i.tute .
"She is probably his minimal sister…" Men and women close to them believed .
"Haha, Ren's very little relative . You've are available once again!" Zhou Liren explained having a chuckle as he found Zhao Yanzi .
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Time flew, and also it was already midday . Both Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi had been hungry .
Time flew, and also it was already noon . Both Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi were definitely starving .
"200 yuan!" he responded to .
Few people could possibly get into LingZhao Midsection School's university . Simply because Zhao Yanzi needed a walk on college campus to obtain a feeling of the school, Hao Ren could observe the structure on the college together .
She needed to just let each of the university students of East Ocean College or university know that she was Hao Ren's fiancée, without any you can have him clear of her!
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Many students commenced discussing him when Hao Ren walked in .
From then on, Hao Ren converted all around and grabbed Zhao Yanzi's hand prior to walking away promptly .
"d.a.m.n! He adds his relative above us! Zhou Liren screamed .
Ling's mom was in the dorm . When she observed Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi working out, she inquired Ling, "Zhao Yanzi actually features a huge buddy?"
It was subsequently only pleasurable for these people if Zi attended the dorm . For Hao Ren, it turned out a headache . Zhao Yanzi studied at LingZhao Middle Institution, that has been appropriate near the institution .
If her cla.s.sroom have been during the appropriate situation, he would even be capable to enjoy her in cla.s.s from his balcony!

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